Useful Tips for Torque Wrench Safety to Avoid Any Damage

There are some tips for torque wrench safety and precautionary measures that every mechanic should keep in mind before and during use of torque wrench Keep reading to learn the tips and apply them!

  • Always read manuals and other instruction material before use.
  • Never use a torque wrench beyond its range/capacity mentioned in instruction  manual.
  • Do not use any extension like a pipe to avoid incorrect reading unless it is recommended by manufacturer.
  • Never push. Always pull the wrench during applying torque.
  • Do not hit a hammer on it or do not use it as a replacement for hammer.
  • Always keep it in storage case to protect it from moisture and other lubricants for its longer life.
  • Never use it on worn out/cracked bolt or fastener and do not use if drive of a wrench is worn out. Otherwise, you will not get a good result.  Always inspect the jaws, knurl and socket from the inside.
  • Do not use it in heavy rain or high humidity or in places where chance of water penetration is high.
  • In case you hear abnormal noise, dropping or entering of lubricant like oil or water, stop the use and contact to service house for inspection and repairing.
  • To maintain it measuring accuracy, torque wrench calibration should be done periodically.
  • Always use the socket that matches the size of the bolt or nut. Otherwise, it is impossible to get the correct result. Correct size of a socket is beneficial for both wrench and bolt.
  • Always grasp the wrench in the middle to avoid hand-slipping during use.
  • Avoid placing it in excessive heat to prevent any structural damage.
  • Choose correct size of jaws or drive to prevent any slippage while applying the force.
  • Position yourself in such a way that slippage of the wrench won’t hurt you.
  • Always wear or use eye protection tool for safety purposes.
  • Always clean it before and after of use.

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