Best Snap on Torque Wrench Reviews (Updated 2020)

Snap on is well-known industrial brand in the field of hand tools and power tools. This brand earned a lot of reputation among the mechanics, engineer in labs, garage and in automotive factories. Peoples love to use this brand due to its accuracy and strength.

Snap on torque products are mostly used in repairing and maintenance of automobiles, aircraft, nuclear reactor and aviation field. They are also famous in manufacturing of storage cabinet.

Most famous product of Snap on are as follows:

  • Wrenches
  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • Hammers
  • Pullers
  • Storage cabinet

It offers large-scale availability of torque tools to choose according to the customer’s choice. It has the largest manufacturing unit for the making of torque tools which provide accurate and precise results.

Snap on Torque Wrench Overview

snap on torque wrench

Snap on has produced many types of products. Its products are designed on a special software and meet the standard like ISO 9001 and ASME.

They have produced torque wrenches of different ranges, so that a customer can choose according to his choice. They are made and tested in labs according to standard.

Snap on Industrial Brands:

When you buy anything online or from a store, you prefer to buy branded product due its trust level among the people. Snap on has earned good name as a brand. In the last decade, Snap on has made collaboration with many companies. WILLIAMS, BACHCO and CDI are now working under the umbrella of Snap on out of which CDI is the most popular one.

CDI Torque Product Review:

CDI claims that they have one of the largest manufacturing unit and supply system of torque wrenches with high-quality components and competitive prices. They produce the highest number of electronic torque wrenches as compared to other brands.

Here are some product reviews for you:

1 - CDI 2503MFRPH 1/2 Inch Drive 30 to 250 ft-lb

adjustable micrometer torque wrench

This micrometer adjustable torque wrench is fast, easy to use and high contrast scale and has dual scale to calibrate in dual direction. Comfort grip and positive locking system has made it more professional. It has button on the back of the wrench head which locks or unlocks the socket when pushed.

2 - CDI 1002MFRMH 3/8 Inch drive 10-100 ft-lb

metal torque wrench

High quality, metal handle click type wrench is also dual scale. CDI torque wrench always meet the industrial requirement, as their wrenches have quality components.

CDI 1002MFRMH has good quality click type mechanism which ensures that required force is achieved. It has ball indenting mechanism which creates a noise to indicate that required tightness of nut bolt is achieved.

It is best suitable wrench for professional use due to its heavy potential. Its grip is lightly tough and knurled (having indentation, small grooves in work-piece or part) which means firm grip that does not let it slip while twisting the handle. It is the best for fast and accurate results. Both N/M and ft/lb units are marked on opposite side of this wrench.

3 - CDI 1502LDIN 3/8 Inch Wrench

cdi 1502ldin ince torque wrench

This CDI 1502LDIN torque wrench with its needle and telltale is specifically designed for car mechanics, nuclear engineer and DIY projects. It can also be used on automotive axle. It consists of easy-to-read dial with two needles; one for reading torque value and 2nd is the follower to check whether the maximum torque is reached once the force is released.

There is no need to remember the “zero”  setting as it goes to zero automatically when the force is released. It consists of a dial needle which is used to check the maximum torque value you reached during the torquing process. There is no ratcheting as this needle dial wrench works in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction to tight any fastener.

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