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Amazon Automotive Promo Codes- Car Parts Coupons

If you are looking for Amazon automotive promo codes or car parts coupons, then you are landed on the right place. We find deals and update coupons on daily basis. Amazon offers discounts on many auto parts, ranges from small parts like baby mirror to big parts like car tires.

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Black Friday 2020 Car Parts,Tools & Accessories Deals

Sales promotions and marketing done on the event of Black Friday is simply phenomenal, especially for manufacturers and distributors for car parts. They introduce special Black Friday car parts deals. Manufacturers use these type of deals and sales promotion to increase sales to resellers (commercial promotions). There is no doubt that these Black Friday auto […]

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Best Snap on Torque Wrench Reviews (Updated 2020)

Snap on is well-known industrial brand in the field of hand tools and power tools. This brand earned a lot of reputation among the mechanics, engineer in labs, garage and in automotive factories. Peoples love to use this brand due to its accuracy and strength.Snap on torque products are mostly used in repairing and maintenance […]

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Types of Screwdrivers: Their Uses and Features

Screwdrivers date back to the early 15th century, when they were invented to tighten the newly-invented screws used in metal suits of armor and engines for war.However, not much has changed in the technology of screws and their drivers, and the only real developments during the past several hundred years was an increase in the […]

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Useful Tips for Torque Wrench Safety to Avoid Any Damage

There are some tips for torque wrench safety and precautionary measures that every mechanic should keep in mind before and during use of torque wrench Keep reading to learn the tips and apply them! Always read manuals and other instruction material before use. Never use a torque wrench beyond its range/capacity mentioned in instruction  manual. Do […]

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Dirty Throttle Body (Diagnosing and Cleaning Guide)

Combustion engine based cars need two main elements in order to run: air and fuel. Whenever there’s a shortage of either element in the mix, the engine either stops functioning or lowers efficiency. The throttle body acts as a gateway for fresh air to be drawn into the engine. However, the air outside is definitely […]

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